Security Information & Management Systems, Inc. (dba SIMS, Inc.) has been performing applied software development for the alarm and security industries since 1983. We are the leading central station software provider in the world, with our products monitoring over 10 million subscribers from over 2400 locations world wide.

Whether you are a proprietary site monitoring 10 accounts or a large wholesale central station with 200,000 accounts, our products can handle your needs. We offer several distinct central station software products, SIMS I, CSM, SIMS II and the flagship SIMS III platform with a host of options to handle everything from remote access, report generation, paperless storage and more which will exceed your expectations.

Don't take our word for it though, download a demonstration program from our products page and try it yourself. All our automation software demonstration programs are fully functional. Connect the demo program to your receivers and see how signals come in and even monitor alarms with them. In fact, several proprietary sites use the demo program for their monitoring of local facilities. Sims Disaster Recovery

SDR SIMS Inc. SIMS was also the first software provider to create a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Center in case the need to evacuate your facility arises, for up to four central stations simultaneously. Nightly backups sent to the SIMS Disaster Recovery Center are included at no cost for our customers on software maintenance. Even if you never utilize the Disaster Recovery Center, your data is still encrypted and stored for safekeeping.

After taking a closer look, we are sure you will agree that SIMS provides Central Station Software That's Simply Out of This World. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us with the Live Chat system or call us at (800) 395-SIMS or one of our local numbers listed on the "About SIMS" page from the menu above.

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