The SIMS ComServer allows our monitoring products to send email, faxes and alpha-numeric pages directly from inside the application.

  • Faxes are sent directly via compatible modems or dedicated fax cards.
  • Emails are sent via your designated SMTP mail server which can be local or remote to the ComServer program via dial-up or dedicated TCPIP networking.
  • Alpha-Numeric pages are sent to their respective carriers by modem.
  • No third party TSR's or drivers need to be loaded on the SIMS workstations, ComServer receives it's requests across the network.
  • SIMS II/Windows users will see the status of the fax/email/page written to history as well as the traffic screen as it occurs.
  • Detailed transaction logs are kept in the ComServer program.
  • Transactions can be viewed and re-sent later if needed.