SIMS Receiver Server

The SIMS Receiver Server works in conjunction with our monitoring software to interface with the receivers, whether they are a legacy receiver and sending to us via a serial port or a new virtual receiver transmitting across the network.

  • Use of the Receiver Server removes the need for older style Digiboards and DOS or Windows 95/98 operating systems when multiple ports are needed.
  • Support for receiving signals via the network instead of serial ports.
  • Built in live "Display Interface" that shows data as it's received.
  • The port display can be configured to copy to the clipboard, Wordpad or printer on a double click.
  • Logging of all inbound and outbound data to disk for later review so you don't have to catch a problem signal when it sends in.
  • Notification via Beeps/Audio Speakers/Email and visual alerts if communication problems with the receivers are detected
  • Rules based structure allows receiver additions/changes to be easily implemented.
  • Making changes to one receiver interface doesn't require other interfaces to be interrupted.
  • The automation software still processes the signals as it always has, ensuring no changes to the way signals are decoded.