SIMS WatchDog

The SIMS WatchDog program was created to allow remote monitoring of whether applications crucial to the operation of your business are running. As central stations become more reliant on software, the accidental or intentional stopping of a program can cause many issues for sites. If faxes that were supposed to go out in the middle of the night didn't go out till the daytime because an operator closed FormWriter it could incur higher long distance charges. If ComServer was closed and your dealers weren't getting notifications of new alarms or VaporPaper was no longer recording receiver print log information, you'd want to know this.

  • SIMS WatchDog installs on the machine that the software you want to monitor is installed on as well.
  • It periodically checks that the software is still running and can send email notifications as well as make an audible alert locally to notify someone that a crucial application isn't running.