SIMS Auto-Dispatch is a product for SQL and FlatFile that will use SMS messaging enabled by Dealer/Account and Contact in order to reduce operator workload by automatically handling those signals that normally require operator action to notify and solicit contact response and suggested actions. Typical cost for this service seems to run about $100 per month, a very inexpensive price to pay for workload reduction. For example; normally when a Late-To-Close, Late-To-Open or No-Test signals are generated by the automation, the operator will have to call the contact list and then solicit a response, leave message and continue down the list. Auto-Dispatch will fetch the event from the Traffic (notifying other operators that a solution is pending by placing it initials on the event), then send an SMS Message to enabled contact recipients of the problem and then providing up to three suggested responses. The timeout value for “response waiting” is set per Dealer and Event Type. If no response is received, the event will be returned to the Traffic display for normal operator action.

  • Allows automation to handle routine signal notifications
  • Reduces operator workload (especially during high volume times)
  • Allows multiple contacts to be notified of the same signal at the same time
  • Can handle multiple signals at the same time to help clear the traffic screen