SIMSWeb is a web server which gives your dealers and/or customers access to their accounts, history and other account details via a standard web browser.

  • Numerous styles of history reports, summary account listings and full database reports. Sites with the SIMS FormWriter product can also modify the layout of existing reports or create new report forms.
  • Reports can be viewed, emailed, printed or saved to disk as either plain text or PDF's.
  • Account editing supported with multiple levels of granularity so you control what they can view and change. Editing is in real-time, not "Staged" like some of our competitors web products.
  • Dealers can access all their accounts (and only their accounts) with one login. Customers are restricted to just their account number.
  • Dealer Traffic file display shows in real time, their most recent signals from accounts.
  • Account Summary screen shows the most used information about an account including the last eight signals received.
  • Out of Service and Service WorkOrder Reports for streamlining daily operations.
  • SIMSWeb "Lite" version or access from iPhone, Windows mobile devices and other mobile devices with basic Javascript capabilities.
  • Using a SSL Certificate, SSL Accelerator or VPN Gateway (purchased seperately), a completely encrypted connection is possible.
  • Access is controlled using the standard Operator Maintenance screen in SIMS. WEB operator type limits what reports/functions they can perform, even allows them to edit/view some pages of the database and not others.
  • Complete audit trail of activity performed by users written into SIMS II history as well as detailed access logs.
  • SIMSWeb version 3 is compatible with SIMS II, SIMS III Flat File and SIMS III SQL installations. All access to the SIMS database is now done through the SimsWebSiteData library just like SIMS III does
  • Although SIMSWeb will run on Windows 2000 or higher, Microsoft limits the number of simultaneous connections on desktop operating systems. SIMS recommends you use Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 for the SIMSWeb server operating system for this reason.