SIMS III is the next generation of central station automation software. It is a Windows based application platform which can interface with the same database as SIMS II or an SQL database. It interfaces with many receivers directly and includes many of the features that were previously separate products directly inside it. SIMS III can access your live SIMS II database if you do not convert to an SQL database, or using the SIMS II Migrator you can move your entire central station over to SQL.

  • SQL database support in addition to the standard SIMS II database in use today. Many of the new features are available with SIMS III even if you still use the same SIMS II style database. However if you want to move to SQL, SIMS III can be switched and the data will be migrated over to the SQL database. This allows you to get up and running on the new product without going through a conversion process like some vendors require.
  • A familiar look and feel is crucial for getting the maximum benefit from any product. SIMS III has several screens such as the alarm dispatch screens which can be set to look just like the SIMS II for DOS or other automation software's traffic displays.
  • Full window resizing is also now supported. Under SIMS III when a window is resized, the fonts, controls and other items on that window resize themselves automatically
  • You can now sort and filter search results on the fly. This includes changing the sort order after the results have been displayed and even filtering the results using the AND/OR operators to include or exclude depending on your criteria
  • Search and replace capabilities are dramatically expanded so that you just right click on the entries in the search results and do a search and replace on the data in the list right there.
  • Live address validation services have been added so when you type characters into the city field, SIMS III can automatically make a query to our service at SIMS which returns a list of city names similar to what you've typed in. It doesn't just look for cities starting with what you've typed though, it does a phonetic search so even if they make a typo, the proper entry should appear.
  • Direct access to Google Maps ™ from the operator or data entry screens. Need to give directions to a guard or service technician? Just click on the map page and all the features that Google Maps ™ offer such as directions, satellite and even street level photos are available.
  • SIMS III is UL Certified
  • SIMS Overwatch is utility to monitor SIMS products