SIMS II was created, and continually evolves, based on the sum total of not only our knowledge, but also the hundreds of central stations using our software. We began the design with a blank page and a simple concept: Nothing is impossible. Then we outlined what was needed to set new standards in central station automation. Although some concepts were offshoots of past experience, the vast majority were born from an entirely new perspective of what 'real-world' central station automation should be.

  • SIMS II can provide an up to the second backup of the all system data to an on-line secondary system.
  • Installs on IBM or 100% IBM compatible equipment.
  • SIMS II is UL Listed Software
  • SIMS II provide reports generation based on parameters from account dealer to zip code
  • provides Top 25 False Alarms which helps to keep records of the accounts generating the most false alarm dispatches.
  • SIMS II is "Novell YES Tested and Approved" Bulletin # 44224
  • The DOS version of SIMSII has been a worldwide standard since 1991 and it was a natural extension to rewrite the product to operate under Windows.
  • This product does not require the Windows desktop, it can run in full screen mode and no mouse is needed. If one wants to advance with theSIMSII provides several means of greatly reducing false alarms that are unavailable in other systems. For instance: Premise verification, alarm/cancel delays, entry/exit delays, and immediate notification to operators when responding to an alarm of additional signals received for the same account.
  • Event reports are available and run the full spectrum from All Events to basic subscriber Opening/Closing reports.
  • Management reports are provided to aid false alarm analysis, event resolution and operations personnel monitoring.