Central Station Manager

The Central Station Manager program (C.S.M.) improves your central station through automation. C.S.M. increases the speed and accuracy of response by providing instant access to crucial account information and instructions for dealing with unusual circumstances. Phone numbers, directions and special information needed for quickly handling alarm situations are instantly available. At the same time, C.S.M. maintains detailed records of your customer's alarm activity and their facilities. Extensive menus and screen displays make the monitoring process easy. C.S.M. manages virtually all aspects of your central station operations, providing more control, better performance and added value.

  • Easy to use-allows your operators to adjust with a minimum training
  • Reports can detail alarm activity of specific account, a dealer or operator within a date range.
  • Lists of the accounts can be retrieved in many different ways and displayed for inquiry purpose or printed as necessary
  • UL 879 and ULC Listed, UL 1981 Classified (First Edition)
  • CSM is "Novell YES Tested and Approved" Bulletin# 44222