SIMS I introduction in the mid-1980's launched the beginning of affordable central station automation software. Still in use by hundreds of central stations around the world, it is a rock solid program with a proven track record. Lightning fast throughput, ease of use and sophisticated capabilities for it's time are just a few of the reasons for it's continued success. These advantages provide central stations with a viable alternative at an affordable price

  • SIMS I is multi-user ready for most popular networks including NOvell-Software, PC-MOS and a multitude of peer-to-peer NetBIOS Networks including CBIS Network-OS.
  • SIMS I is avaliable in Canadian French and Spanish Language.
  • SIMS I has account search by account number, name, address or passcard number
  • Service work orders can be generated, including history on the previous three servce calls
  • Subscriber Activity Reports include open/close and chronological all event which helps operator to have detailed signal analysis
  • UL 879 and ULC Listed