Related Third Party Products

SIMS deals with third party Products. We always recommend the products which are efficient and compatible with our system. We recommend Radmin for customer support where customers use Dell computers for software installation.

TeamViewer Software

TeamViewer Software

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer

TeamViewer - the All-In-One Software for Remote Support and Online Meetings from

Remote Support and Remote Access Features:

  • Remote Support – no need for any installation on the client side
  • Remote Administration – 24/7 access to remote computers and servers
  • Remote Access – access your data and applications – anytime, anywhere
  • Home Office – access your office computer from home

Online Meeting and Online Presentation:

  • Online Meetings – have up to 25 participants
  • Online Presentation – boost your sales potential
  • Training Session – cut costs by conducting training online
  • Online Teamwork – collaborate online on documents in real-time


  • You can remote access via mobile device also.
  • All host installations are completely free for license owners. TeamViewer sessions only require one side to be licensed. This allows you to serve an unlimited number of customers with a single license.
  • TeamViewer is a highly secure remote maintenance solution. Your connections are established via fully encrypted data channels using 2048-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding.
  • You don't need to worry about firewalls, blocked ports or NAT routing –TeamViewer finds a connection to the remote computer every time.
  • TeamViewer optimizes display quality and speed depending on your network connection. This gives you the best performance possible from LAN to mobile internet connections.

Download SIMS Teamviewer host for quick support Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer

Download the trial version from

Contact SIMS to purchase Teamviewer license.

Radmin Remote Access Software

Radmin Remote Access Software

Radmin - is one of the safest, fastest and most popular remote access software solutions designed for Windows. It supports remote computer access from anywhere over a LAN or via the Internet in multiple modes, including Full Control, View Only, File Transfer, and Telnet.

Radmin features:

  • Remote control of computers over a LAN or via the Internet.
  • Remote desktop access.
  • File transfer.
  • Text Chat and Voice Chat with remote users.
  • Telnet Mode.

With Radmin you can:

  • Provide help desk support for your employees and customers.
  • Administer networks remotely.
  • Monitor employees' service quality.
  • Work remotely.


  • Highest operating speed and image transfer quality.
  • Reliable data protection and stable operation.
  • Remote installation on network computers'
  • User-friendly interface and ease of use.
  • Free technical support.
  • Attractive pricing.

Download the free 30-day trial version at or click here

Contact SIMS to purchase Radmin licenses.

Dell Computers

Dell Computer

lthough SIMS does NOT sell computer equipment, we recommend Dell computers. We have a long standing relationship with Dell and use Dell equipment for all in-house computers. Dell no longer supplies a dedicated salesrep for our customers to deal with so you will need to contact your local Dell office (877) 277-DELL here in the United States.

If SIMS will be configuring your computers for you, Dell can drop ship your equipment directly to our office, so you don't have to. If you will be shipping equipment to our office, either from Dell or from some other location, you must complete and fax us a copy of our "Inbound Equipment Form". The following link contains the instructions for this and a link to the actual PDF form you can download to fill out.

Sending Equipment to SIMS

Here at SIMS, tracking down which received shipments are for which customers and keeping track of what has and hasn’t been received takes a lot of our time. Time that should be spent on getting the computers configured and out the door or on other projects that are important to you as a SIMS customer. Because of this, we are now requesting that any customer shipping or having things shipped from a vendor, complete an Inbound Equipment Form so we know what is being received and who it is for.

  1. When supplying order numbers for equipment being drop-shipped to us from a vendor such as Dell, the quote number will NOT help us. Once the order has been placed, Dell will supply an order number, we need the order number and not the quote number. This is important because the shipping labels when Dell drop-ships to us will show our name and not who the equipment was sold to. The order number is the only way these boxes can be identified usually.
  2. Please understand that we talk to a lot of customers and when your computer arrives in our office a week after we spoke to you last, odds are, we will not remember why the computer was being shipped to us. Please explain what you want us to do or what we are supposed to be working on. Even if it’s new computers, please state something like “Install NetWare SFTIII”.... just to make sure we know what you want. If we are supposed to supply any additional hardware such as MSL cards, Digiboards, etc., identify which machines are supposed to have them installed. If SIMS has provided you with a written quote for the configuration up front, you can reference the quote number or include a copy but please still identify which machines are supposed to configured in which manner and don't just state "per quote" or something like that.
  3. We usually ship via UPS Ground unless you specify otherwise. We have a daily pickup for UPS at our office. We can also ship via Fedex if you desire. If you want us to use another carrier, we will call you when it is ready to ship and you can call the carrier to arrange for a pickup at our office. They will need to bring any necessary forms with them. Equipment will be shipped to the address we have in our database for your company. If you have moved recently or would like the equipment shipped to a different address, please make a note of it. We will insure the equipment for it’s approximate retail value unless you specify otherwise. International customers please complete the customs value you wish us to specify on the export documents.
  4. Equipment is processed in a first-in first-out manner unless extenuating circumstances come into play. We will normally not start working on your equipment at all until everything is received at our office for that configuration. Some configurations such as NetWare SFTIII require a burn-in of 24hrs minimum on the bench once they are configured. If faster service is needed, an expiditing fee can be quoted if needed.
  5. If we are supposed to load an operating system onto a computer, you are responsible for providing us with any serial numbers or license keys. If we are purchasing upgrades to these operating systems, we will not be able to place the order for the new licenses until we have verification of the old license numbers. You can fax a copy of any existing license numbers with the Inbound Equipment Form.
  6. Complete a separate form for each box that will be received and take into account the value of any hardware being added for the insurance and custom values. For example if the computer from Dell is going to cost you $1000.00 and you are having us add a four port Digiboard, list $1495 as the Insurance value instead of the $1000 you paid for the machine. If we notice that an insurance value is not correct, we will attempt to contact you but we can't guarantee we will notice all incorrect values. We will insure all packages for a minimum of the value you set. Some carriers use $100 insurance increments in which case, we will round up to the nearest insurance value.
  7. If you are shipping equipment to us from your office, you can include the Inbound Equipment Form with your shipment. If you are drop shipping the equipment from another location/vendor, please fax the signed and completed form to us so we have it when the boxes are received. You may fax it directly to Tom @ (972) 767-2829 or the main SIMS fax number.
  8. Make sure to use our new address as of March 2012!   Address is 2121 W. Spring Creek Pkwy - Suite 112, Plano TX USA 75023-4563.

A signature is required for all work performed.
Monitors, UPS’s and other items not required for the completion of the setup will be forwarded on to you immediately unless you request otherwise.

If you have questions about this, please contact Tom Ultey via email at or by voice at +1 (800) 395-7467 Extn: 7106. Thank you.

NOTE: Before placing an order for hardware you should always have SIMS review the configuration to make sure no changes are needed. Even if SIMS reviews your quote, we do not accept any liability for the suitability of the configuration but we will point out any problems we find.

Stratus Technologies

Stratus Technologies

Although SIMS does NOT sell computer equipment, we recommend Stratus computers for those environments that require redundant Windows based file servers. You can go with their ft-Series servers which are hardware servers with fault tolerance built in or with a software based solution called Avance which is a virtual machine that is mirrored between two physical servers from another manufacturer (SIMS recommends Dell PowerEdge's for this purpose).

Server Image

Both of these solutions meet UL1981 requirements and have been tested by SIMS thoroughly. SIMS actually runs a pair of Avance file servers on Dell PowerEdge Servers in our office as the back-end server for many SIMS functions. More information can be found in the documents below so you can learn more about their products

Before placing an order for hardware you should always have SIMS review the configuration to make sure no changes are needed. Even if SIMS reviews your quote, we do not accept any liability for the suitability of the configuration but we will point out any problems we find.

NOTE: Although it has always been recommended, as of Stratus Avance v2.0.2, if a server does not have redundant power supplies an error will be shown in the management portal. Therefore we now strongly encourage you to order machines with redundant power supplies.


For more information on the Stratus products and how they would work in your central station, contact a SIMS representative.

Streetwise Networks

Streetwise Networks

Although SIMS does NOT sell telecommunications equipment, we have used Streetwise Networks and so have many of our customers.

Dan White, National Sales Manager of StreetWise Networks will work with you personally to ensure that you get the best solution for your needs. Whether it's an Adtran 550 for connecting your receivers to a PRI or a custom solution that requires seperate components, they can handle it.

Contact Dan White at (830) 627-7306 or by email to for more information.

Wyse thin client computers

Wyse thin client computers
Wyse Thin

SIMS is an authorized partner of Wyse thin client computers. These computers are small devices without hard drives or fans that connect to standard monitors and input devices. These devices are just smart enough to connect to a Windows Terminal Services server and then appear to be a standard Windows desktop. Since all the processing is done at the server, these thin clients do not need to have the processing power of a standard PC, they just provide the interface to the server which is commonly in the back room. This design is considerd a Server-Centric Computing environment.

By switching to thin clients, each staff member can have their own desktop with their applications on it, but they can access their desktop from any thin client on your network, or a PC at home if you allow remote access.

Some of The key advantages of going to a Server-Centric environment are:

  • No hard drive or fans means power consumption is lower.
  • No hard drive or fans mean noise levels are reduced.
  • No floppy or CD drive eliminates risk of games and other inappropriate content from being copied to the workstations.
  • Because security is controlled centrally on the terminal server, installation of applications can be limited.
  • The small form-factor of the thin-client devices increases desk space, mounting brackets are available to mount the device to the back of monitors or under desks.
  • Since files, can't be saved to the device, they are always stored in a central location on the terminal server or network meaning that backups are able to more readily back up all important files for your business.
  • Access to your desktop and files regardless of which workstation you are at. Even access your desktop remotely if your firewall is configured to allow it.
  • All the benefits of remote access software like PCAnywhere and Radmin, without having to install the software and exclude it from Internet Security applications.
  • No reason to upgrade workstations on a regular basis. Since the thin client only needs to be powerful enough to initiate the connection, they don't need to be constantly upgraded.

MSL Cards

MSL Cards
MSL Cards

Mirrored Server Link Cards (MSL Cards) are used with Novell NetWare SFTIII File servers to mirror memory and disk data from one physical server to the other.

SIMS does not recommend using normal network cards as MSL cards although some manufacturers have drivers that will allow this to occur. Standard network cards are not designed to be connected in a point-to-point configuration at a close distance and data corruption can occur. The MSL cards that SIMS recommends and sells are FDDI and not Ethernet cards. Although they still use a Cat5 cable to connect them, the cable must be wired unique to this application. Normal Ethernet cards only use two or four of the eight wires in a Cat5 cable. FDDI cards use all eight wires and that is one of the ways that FDDI can create a 100mb/s full duplex data stream in a point-to-point configuration. FDDI cards with Fiber connections are also available if physical seperation of the servers is required or electrical isolation is needed. The Fiber cards cost quite a bit more than the Cat5 cards though and they do not give any performance benefit at this time.

Currently we are using Syskonnect FDDI cards. The cards that we have tested with are listed below:

Manufacturer Model# Status
SysKonnect SK-5521,32bit PCI
Cat5 FDDI Card
Currently Used
SysKonnect SK-5821
64bit PCI, Cat5 FDDI Card (Problems w/some servers)
Limited Use
SysKonnect SK-5543
32bit PCI, Fiber FDDI Card
Currently Used
SysKonnect SK-5843
64bit PCI, Fiber FDDI Card
Currently Used
32bit PCI, Cat5 FDDI Card
16bit ISA, Cat5 FDDI Card
Thomas Conrad TC3045-CX
16bit ISA, BNC (RG62A/U) FDDI Card

Although SIMS does stock limited quantities of MSL cards, you may wish to purchase your MSL cards from another reseller. Because we buy the cards in low volumes, we charge $1500 for a pair of the cards.

Some of the MSL cards use a standard Cat5 wire, however it is NOT pinned the same as any Ethernet cable. You can not buy a manufactured cable in this configuration, they must be custom made. If someone from your staff can make Cat5 cables, the pinout for it is listed in the Tech-Note section of our web site from the Support button. Because most sites are not able to make this cable themselves, SIMS does have the cable avaialable for resale, which we have had professionally made. The cable we have made is approximately 10' long, has yellow cable and yellow booted connectors. It is also labeled as a "Mirror Server Link" cable to identify it as a non-standard Cat5 cable. Our price for the Cat5 MSL cable is $30.00 plus shipping.

MSL Cards that use Fiber cabling, use a standard dual fiber cable with SC connectors. We can supply one that is approximately 10' long for $35, made with orange fiber with dual SC connectors.

Digi Multi-Port Adapters

Digi Multi-Port Adapters

SIMS sells several versions of the DigiBoard non-Intelligent Serial Port Cards. We have dealt with several vendors over the years and find that Digiboard's products hold up to the torture that a central throws at them. All Digiboard's that SIMS sells are equipped with buffered UART chips to reduce the overall load on the computer during heavy signal activity.

Digi PC/4 or Classic 4

These cards will add four serial ports to your computer for connections to receivers and/or other serial devices. The PCI/4 card will fit in most computers that have a 3/4 length ISA slot available. The Classic 4 card is a small form factor PCI card. A DB37 connector on the backplane of either card fits together with an Octopus cable on the outside of the case. This cable provides the four DB25 Male RS232 connections which you connect to your devices. Price: $ 495.00 + shipping for either style card.

Digi PC/8 or Classic 8

These cards will add eight serial ports to your computer for connections to receivers and/or other serial devices. The PC/8 card will fit in most computers that have a 3/4 length ISA slot available. The Classic 8 card is a small form factor PCI card. A DB37 connector on the backplane of either card fits together with an Octopus cable on the outside of the case. This cable provides the eight DB25 Male RS232 connections which you connect to your devices. Price: $ 695.00 + shipping for either style card.

Digi PC/16

The PC/16 card will add sixteen serial ports to your computer for connections to receivers and/or other serial devices. The card will fit in most computers that have a full length ISA slot available. The card connects to a black box via ribbon cables that go through the backplane of the card and it provides 16 RJ45 connectors. Sixteen RJ45 to DB25 Male RS232 pigtail cables are also included, which you connect to your devices. Price: $ 1295.00 + shipping. There is not a 16 port PCI version of this card, contact SIMS for more information on other models.

Other Models

SIMS also stocks or can order other Digi Multi-port cards. If you require a PCI based multi-port card for receiver connectivity we would recommend the Digi Classic cards. For our Windows based products such as VaporPaper if a higher port density is needed, the Digi Acceleport cards and expansion port boxes are worth considering. For more information or pricing on these other models, contact SIMS for current information.

BlackBox A/B Switches

BlackBox A/B Switches

Primary/Alternate Switch
Primary/ Alternative Switch

This switch is designed to switch up to eight receivers from your primary receiver server to an alternate receiver server in the event of problems with the primary receiver server. The switch is designed with two knobs on the front (one for ports 1-4, the other for 5-8) and eight sets of A/B/Common connectors on the back. The A and B connectors are 25 pin Female RS232 connectors, while the Common connectors are 25 pin Male RS232 connectors.
Updated 01/02/2007 - The knobs are now labeled which controls ports 1-4 and which controls 5-8. The ports on the back are also labeled 1-8 respectively as well. Price is $595 + shipping.

Receiver/Vapor Paper Switch
Receiver/Vapor Paper Switch

This switch is designed to switch up to four receivers to one of three workstations. It also will switch up to four printer inputs for Vapor Paper to one of the three workstations as well. On the front is three knobs which control which input each of the three workstations will be connected to. These can be set to either Receivers or Vapor Paper. A text description really doesn't do this switch justice. Suffice it to say that three workstations can all operate as either receiver workstation(s) or vapor paper collector workstation(s) depending on the position of the switches. The workstation connectors are 25 pin Female RS232 connectors and the input connectors for either the receivers or vapor paper printer inputs are 25 pin Male RS232 connectors.
Price is $695 + shipping.

Other BlackBox Switches
Other BlackBox Switch

BlackBox also makes many other varieties of switches, both mechanical like the ones we have built and electronic. Contact BlackBox directly at (877) 877-BBOX or for more information.

Parallel/Serial Converters

Parallel/Serial Converters
Serial-Parallel Converter

Our VaporPaper software only accepts serial inputs, thus receivers with parallel printer outputs must be converted to serial data. Many such devices are available and this information is not intended to mean others won't work, these are just the ones we have decided to make available from SIMS.

Although SIMS does sell the Black Box converters, if you have an account with BlackBox, feel free to call them and order the units directly. Their part number is PI1115A-US which includes a power supply. The unit has Female DB25 connectors on both ends making cabling easier than using centronics connectors that some other converters have.

Without the power supply these converters will only work with receivers that provide proper voltages to their parallel ports. As simple as that sounds, many of the older receivers do not do this and even some of the newer receivers have trouble with it. Since the power supply is included, use it for any receivers that cause you trouble, but you don't need it for those that do supply sufficient power on the parallel interface.