Technical Support is available to customers who are on software maintenance or on a pay as you go basis to customers no longer on software maintenance. Software Maintenance includes program updates and general assistance with the SIMS software. Questions regarding networks or other non-SIMS matters will be billed accordingly.

Live Chat: Live chat by SightMax (Available Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm CST)
Chat Espanol: Live chat by SightMax (Available Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm CST)
North America: (800) 395-SIMS
Australia: (02) 8231-5704
Netherlands: (40) 401-2018
Other Areas:(972) 769-0900
Alternate VOIP Numbers
Toll Free:(888) 800-5764
Plano, TX:(469) 361-0092
Chicago, IL:(847) 377-9068
Toronto, ONT Canada:(647) 724-5709
Fax Requests:(972) 612-2440
Teamviewer Support:
Radmin Support:
GoToMeeting Support:

After hours support requiring immediate response should always be attempted via a voice call. Support requests by email and fax are generally answered quickly but not guaranteed. Customers on business hours support are not guaranteed a response after hours or other times the office is closed although generally someone will be available to assist you. Customers on 24 hour support are the only customers who are guaranteed response when the office is closed, currently no SIMS customers have the 24 hour support plan.

Registered users of our website can also use the SIMS Community/Forums to interact with other SIMS customers. These forums should not be used for support issues with SIMS, but for items that you wish to ask other users for their ideas, or suggestions you wish to make to SIMS regarding program enhancements.