About Us

Security Information & Management Systems, Inc. (dba SIMS, Inc.) is a software development company for the Alarm and Security Industry. We are a privately held company which has been in business since 1983 with the release of SIMS I. In 1991 SIMS II was released and even today it still leaves competitors in it's dust. In 1994, SIMS acquired Tamco and the C.S.M. product line, in 1997 we released our accounting program and FormWriter. Since then we've developed numerous other applications to help central stations such as Telelogik, Vapor Paper, SIMSWeb, SIMS for Windows, ComServer, iServer and our latest SIMS III automation software platform. No other automation software company comes close to matching the real world experience that our employees have in the field. Former alarm installers, fire fighters, police dispatchers and other public safety personnel make up our employee roster.

Live chat by SightMax
All SIMS employees can be emailed directly by using their first name followed by @simsware.com. You can also contact our staff by chat during business hours Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Central time excluding holidays. If the icon below says 'Click to... Chat Live' then clicking on it will let you text chat with a SIMS staff member in real-time. No additional software is needed to use our live chat system.


"SIMS has made our tasks easier by their new SIMS III with the Sql Server."

"They are provinding a very nice service with a quick response to every tickets."

Coming to our office ?
Look for the San Simeon building on the North side of Spring Creek Pkwy just west of the bike trail / creek bridge. Our office is at the far East end the building on the first floor.
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You can use the Google Map link in the side bar for better directions if needed or if your cellphone supports QR codes, take a photo of this image:
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