SIMS Inc. - Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact our support department by chat, phone or email if you have any other questions
  • We are moving our SIMS software to new hardware or to a new network/facility. What is the best procedure to follow?

    Whatever the case, try your very best not to do anything on a Friday. We want to be available to help you, should you encounter any issues. We have found that there has been major issues that occur if you do not completely understand what is involved. Please just call SIMS Inc. before moving anything and ask for help or advice. We do not want you to accidentally delete your data...

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  • SIMS III / Live Update could not read the registry or SIMSSettings file ? / What is the proper way to install SIMS software ?

    We receive calls regarding SIMS III or live update not able to read registry or SIMS Settings. This is due to permissions not set properly. We recommend our customers to install the program as administrator under the user,which they want to use it later. It allows the installer to write windows registry and create the directories and files without any restriction as well as the program to read all the files/ registry without any restrictions.

    This is the best way to install any program without having any permissions problem while running the program. Always check that you have properly installed .net frameworks before installation.

    Also make sure that your firewall allows active FTP connection for, and You add liveupdate.exe program and add ports 20 and 21 in firewall exceptions.

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  • What are the ports?

    Any computer system has 0 to 65536 logical software ports for communication. The port number 0 to 1024 are specific for predefined services and rest are used by the other third party software vendors. Description for Important ports are as below

    Port Number


    1 TCP Port Service Multiplexer (TCPMUX)
    5 Remote Job Entry (RJE)
    7 ECHO
    18 Message Send Protocol (MSP)
    20 FTP - Data
    21 FTP -- Control
    22 SSH Remote Login Protocol
    23 Telnet
    25 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
    29 MSG ICP
    37 Time
    42 Host Name Server (Nameserv)
    43 WhoIs
    49 Login Host Protocol (Login)
    53 Domain Name System (DNS)
    69 Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
    70 Gopher Services
    79 Finger
    80 HTTP
    103 X.400 Standard
    108 SNA Gateway Access Server
    109 POP2
    110 POP3
    115 Simple File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
    118 SQL Services
    119 Newsgroup ( NNTP )
    137 NetBIOS Name Service
    139 NetBIOS Datagram Service
    143 Interim Mail Access Protocol (IMAP)
    150 NetBIOS Session Service
    156 SQL Server
    161 SNMP
    179 Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
    190 Gateway Access Control Protocol (GACP)
    194 Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
    197 Directory Location Service (DLS)
    389 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
    396 Novell Netware over IP
    443 HTTPS
    444 Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP)
    445 Microsoft-DS
    458 Apple QuickTime
    546 DHCP Client
    547 DHCP Server
    563 SNEWS
    569 MSN
    1080 Socks

    Reference :


  • What is hosts File ?

    Hosts file is been in use from ARPANET and it resolves the hosts name before the DNS is used for lookup. it is used in Windows, OSX as well as in Linux.

    In case you want to make any loopback address you can add entry localhosts #loopback

    In windows it is at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. if you want a page like to go to nowhere like just add

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  • My SIMS shows a error Root Level error 5141, position 10 on starting?

    Please check your JoinConstant.xml and Settings.xml files.

    JoinConstant.xml, Settings.xml

  • My Vaporpaper is causing 100% CPU usage and shows RcvError 10035 in the log file ?

    Sometimes when vaporpaper processes long reports, it shows this error and consumes 100% CPU. The available solution is restarting vaporpaper.

    Vaporpaper, RcvError 10035

  • How to Configure Applications to Always Run as an Administrator?

    Some programs have been written to run under WindowsXp with administrative rights and Windows 7 runs the programs under standard mode by default. So we need to mark/run the application to always run as an administrator.

    To mark an application to always run as an administrator, do the following:
    1. On the Start menu, locate the program that you want to always run as an administrator.
    2. Right-click the application’s shortcut, and then click Properties.
    3. In the Properties dialog box, click the Compatibility tab.
    4. Do one of the following:
         a. To apply the setting to the currently logged-on user, select the Run This Program As An Administrator check box, and then click OK.
         b. To apply the setting to all users on the computer and regardless of which shortcut is used to start the application, click Change Setting For All Users to display the Properties dialog box for the application’s .exe file, select the Run This Program As An Administrator check box, and then click OK twice.

    Note 1: The application will now always run using an administrator access token. Keep in mind that if you are using a standard account and prompting is disabled, the application will fail to run.
    Note 2: Program As An Administrator option is not available, it means the application is blocked from always running at an elevated level, the application does not require administrator credentials to run, or you are not logged on as an administrator.

    Reference:From the Microsoft Press book Windows 7 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant by William R. Stanek,

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  • I Cannot See history?

    Usually updating and re-indexing history resolves this issue. Make Sure you backup the database before doing re-indexing and re-generating files always.

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  • Return to Service does not work?

    Return to service changes the Out of service entry's ending time to current time. The receiver server deletes that entry in the next cycle and the account goes back online. So, make sure that your receiver server is running and housekeeping is selected.

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  • I updated my SIMS III and it started to behave differently?

    So, if you see such behavior, try liveupdating again in a few minutes. This may have been an issue previously reported. The product is always being worked on so another update may be available shortly.

    You can revert any of our program back to its earlier version with the latest SIMS III LiveUpdate.

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  • Can I revert back the latest update of SIMS III?

    You can revert any of our program back to its earlier version with the latest SIMS III LiveUpdate.

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  • What is the framework? Why do we need .Net Framework 4.0 with SIMSIII ?

    The .NET Framework consists of the common language runtime and the .NET Framework class library as an agent that manages code at run time, providing core services such as memory management, thread management, security, robustness and remoting. SIMS products require the .net frameworks for smooth execution. SIMS 3 requires .NET Framework 4.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86). You may download the .net frameworks from Microsoft website or from SIMS3 download page from our website, and download files link of our website.

    The .NET Framework 1.1 is an in-place update to .NET Framework 1.0, .NET Framework 3.5 is an in-place update to .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0. And .NET Framework 4.6 is an in-place update to .NET Framework 4.0, 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.5.2. The in-place update means the installation of program without removing the older version first.

    You can see which .net versions you have installed by running following commands in MS-DOS:

    wmic /namespace:\\root\cimv2 path win32_product where "name like '%%.NET%%'" get version
    dir %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework /AD


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  • My Apache is not running in SIMSWeb?

    Sometimes, if other programs are using port 80, apache could not start. you can try disabling/stopping IIS web server, World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC), Web Deployment Agent Service (MsDepSvc) and Webclient (WebClient) from the services. If you have skype Installed, please uncheck default port 80 from advanced settings.
    Also try checking the path of Apache Web Server. As well make sure the if you are using 64 bit windows, your application path in httpd.conf contains "Program Files(x86)".

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  • I can not see operational modes in flat file?

    The operations modes are read from the OPTION-[Drive_Letter].DAT file. Drive Letter is for the drive on while SIMS database is stored. So, if you have SIMS database path G:/simsiii, then the options file is OPTION-G.DAT. If you could not see just create empty OPTION-G.DAT and run SIMS or If you could not find OPTION-X.DAT, but there is OPTION-D.DAT, then you make copy of OPTION-X.DAT and paste and rename it to OPTION-D.DAT and run SIMS.

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  • How to know which process is using port 80?

    Please open command prompt and type command "netstat -o -n -a | findstr 0.0:80" to check that which processes are using port 80. It will show you the process id. Then go to Windows Task Manager -> view Menu -> Select Columns and select the column name PID(Process Identifier). You could see which process is using port 80. If you see port 80 is being used by PID 4, then it refers to System or IIS webserver, World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC), Web Deployment Agent Service (MsDepSvc) and Webclient (WebClient) services.

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  • I am getting this error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."?

    Please make sure you have the latest Microsoft .Net Framework versions 3.5, 4 , 4.5 and latest patches installed.

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  • My SIMS III windows does not resize properly?

    We have recently found that the software TeamViewer and Dell Foundation Services interferes with the resizing of windows in SIMS III.

    If you are experiencing such issues, please make sure TeamViewer is not running in the background by checking the Task Manager.
    Also try disabling or uninstalling Dell Foundation Services.

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  • Does SIMS, Inc offer training?

    Yes, SIMS Inc does offer training. We have webinars, on site training at your place of business, or customers can come to our office. Please call for pricing and scheduling.

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  • When I run a report in SIMS, I cannot see the complete report.

    Some reports will not be completely displayed on the screen, but the entire report will be sent.

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  • How do copy an existing account to new account in SIMSIII.

    Thank you for your question. We do have such option in SIMSIII. Here is the step by step solution:
    1. Go to Edit Menu and Select Edit Account.
    2. Search the account and select the account you want to copy.
    3. Under the premise tab, you will see Account/Grp. Change the existing account number to new desired account number.
    4. Press OK, you will see a new dialogue box "Copy Selection". There you could see for option "Copy the Account as Before".
    5. Press Apply.
    You will have a new account with same information and different account number.

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  • I forgot my password/username for, what do I do?

    If you have forgotten your password, you can get the password/Username in your registered Email account. Click on SignIn at the right top corner of the website and then you can see "Forget?" link. You will need to type in your email address (the one you used while creating account) and click on Password or Username the button.

    After that you will receive an email with your password/username. But if you forget your email, then you can call us or send email at

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  • How can I update my SIMS software?

    Download our Liveupdate software from Utility softwares or click here and run it.

    Do not forget to close the SIMS Software before running Live Update, otherwise you will get "Access Denied" message

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  • I can not access pages on SIMS Wikipedia?

    SIMS website login provides you access for the website only. SIMS Wikipedia needs a separate login.

    You could register for the SIMS Wikipedia separately

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  • How do I register for a user account for online access?

    You need your company serial number and a valid email address. SIMS will review your information and activate your account and notify you through the registered email

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  • How do I update Company Information?

    Only the SIMS Staff can change the Company Information. If your company have changed the name or need to update information like email, telephone, then you can call our support department or send us a email at We will make changes for you.

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  • What are the minimum requirements of SIMS III??

    You can browse the products section in our website. Every detail for each products is available. If you are having some special environment, please send us an email at or feel free to call us.

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  • Do you have any manual or videos on SIMS II?

    Thanks for asking! Every Product specific page has a list of training videos as well as manuals. SIMS Inc. have youtube channel where you can view training videos along with subtitle in different languages Click here for our Youtube Channel. Also you can check our trainings page.

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  • Where I can find SIMS 2 and 3 specifically for Windows 7 64 Bit System or 64 bit Windows Based Machines ?

    All of our programs are available on our website You can check monitoring section under the products menu for SIMS II and SIMS III. All the SIMS Inc. softwares work on 64-bit Windows Based Operating Systems with the exception of the older DOS based ones (i.e. SIMS II for DOS, CSM for DOS). If you're experiencing problems installing or running our Windows based programs we recommend that you check your computer's .Net Framework version as our softwares require a minimum of version 3.5 and up.

    SIMS iii, 64 bit, sims ii

  • Can I run SIMS DOS version in 64 bit computer?

    No, the DOS version runs only in 32 version. Although SIMS support team can help you to run under special arrangements.

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  • Where are the technotes?

    The technotes have all been moved to SIMS Wikipedia. Our knowledgebase has grown, therefore we have a dedicated Wikipedia section now.

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  • Is there any tips and tricks for the SIMS products?

    We do not have something like that. But we keep on posting tips of the day in our twitter account. So you reach us in twitter at @SIMSware.

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  • Will SIMSIII work with my SIMSII database?

    Yes, SIMSIII can work with the current SIMSII database which we refer to as a flat file database. SIMSIII also works with a new SQL database which has different requirements and implies a database migration.


  • I have CSM. Can I convert my CSM database so it will work with SIMSIII?

    Yes. The database conversion is possible. We have converted the database of our many CSM customers to SIMS III compatible formats of flat file or sql database

    Please, give us a call for further details.

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  • What are the advantages of the SQL database over the current (flat file) SIMSII database ?

    SQL (stands for Structured Query Language) is a database computer language. Since this is a standard language used by many applications in the market, central stations have the tools to develop specialized reports, programs, etc.

    SIMS SQL, Database

  • What features are available in SIMSIII that are not available in SIMSII/SIMS for Windows?

    To mention the more relevant: Integration with IP cameras, direct access to Google Maps, Spell checking for operator comments, PDF reports, Database Validation, Access to authorities database (police departments, fire departments, etc) on SIMS servers, Capability to import .csv files, Capability to export database to .csv files, Compatibility with the new SQL database.

    SIMS III, Additional Features

  • Can I have operators working on the SIMSIII interface while others are still working on SIMSII (DOS)/SIMS for Windows

    Yes. But in that case SIMS II and SIMS III are work in flat file database. SIMS II does not support sql database

    SIMS II, SIMS III, Sql Server

  • Cannot install ComServer in Windows 7?

    Based on the operating systems, SIMS has two different versions. So make sure you are using ComServ3_XP.exe for Windows Xp and ComServ3_WIN7.exe for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and higher versions.

    SIMS DOS, 64 bit

  • How can I get more help?

    If you could not find your answer here, feel free to call us at +1(972)769-0900, or send us an email at any time. We will try to respond to your concern as soon as possible.

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  • We are client from Europe. how do I know that SIMS Office at Plano, TX is open or close?

    SIMS Regular Working Hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada). However, we are closed on public holidays.

    You could visit SIMS Inc.Calendar to know the current time in Our Head Quarter at Plano,Texas as well as that we are currently open/Close. You can check the holidays also.

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  • Does the payment method use secure channel?

    All the payments on the are secured by Godaddy certificates. All the customers are advised to make payment through "".

    Note: All the payments must be made when you see https in your browsers address bar and we recommend google chrome for payment over internet explorer.

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  • Does the SIMS II product runs on Linux Server?

    We do not have linux version.The SIMS products must be installed on Windows machines.

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  • How often the software are updated?

    SIMS development teams are always working for fixing the reported bugs. So, we do not have any fixed schedule for the updates posted.

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  • My pdf reports are not accurate?

    Please update your pdf reader to the latest version. Most of the cases the old versions of client softwares do not work properly

    We recommend that customers keep updated their Operating Systems with windows updates.

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  • I am trying to enter registration key, but get "Key failed" error message?

    Please check that your login account is Administrator.

  • What are the technical requirements for this site

    The web site is best viewed in Google Chrome Version 36.0.1985.143 and internet explorer version 11.0

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  • How can I contact for support when SIMS Inc. is Closed?

    SIMS Support Tickets are viewed and resolved during the Office Hours. Customers can still call the after-hours number. Keep in mind that the after-hours calls are reserved for emergencies. All other calls should be during the normal office hours. After hours calls are charged a separate fee unless that customer is under 24 hour maintenance.

    after hour.

  • I want to Sign Up for the Disaster Recovery. Where can I find the form?

    You can get all the information in our Software backup Page . you can download any file/form from our downloads page

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