Training Videos

SIMS has dedicated video channel on the youtube, where you can find getting started with our products. We have subtitles in different languages like Spanish, Portugese, Turkish, Russian and Urdu. Click here or youtube icon on the top or search in using keyword "simsware". The videos are free of charge.


SIMS has products Manuals which are helpful in configuring our products. You can download them from every products download list. In case you want a printed copy of the manuals, you can order them. The prices are cheaper for the customers who have support with us.

SIMS I Manual is US$40.00 for Support and US$85.00 for Non-Support Customers.
SIMS II Manual is US$85.00 for support and US$135.00 for the Non-Support Customers.
SIMS II for Windows Manual is US$45.00 for support and US$65.00 for the Non-Support Customers.
CSM Manual is US$40.00 for support and US$90.00 for the Non-Support Customers.
For the manuals of other products please give us a call.

Personalized Training

Those wishing for more personalized training can schedule a time to receive training either in your office or ours.

On-Site Training is available in your office. A member of the SIMS staff will come to your location for the number of days requested and train your staff. The price for this service is $350.00 a day ($500.00 a day for weekends) plus all expenses. Since airfare and other travel accomodations can vary greatly depending on location, time of the year and so forth, we can not give you an absolute cost until all arrangements are made. If you require someone on-site to assist on hardware issues as well (not just training), the rate is $500.00 per day ($750.00 a day for weekends). Site visitation charges are calculated beginning at departure and ending at arrival back in the Dallas area.

Training at SIMS is also available. Up to three people from your staff can come to our office (appointment required) and receive training for a flat rate of $150.00 per day. If you have a limited number of people who need to receive training this may be a more cost effective arrangement.

Other Resources of Learning

SIMS Wikipedia is also available. Previously we were using Technotes to keep our customers updated with the SIMS Inc. Product Developments. Now, we have moved all the Technotes to the SIMS Wikipedia. We are always adding new articles in the SIMS Wiki with the latest changes in the SIMS Products as well as other useful information related to Network and Alarm industry products. Click here to open SIMS Wiki in new browser window.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) : We have FAQ section in which we post some of the good questions asked by our customers. So, Keep on checking the section for the questions added frequently. Click here to go to SIMS Inc. FAQs.