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Table of Contents

Login Page: 3

Welcome Page: 4

Edit/View Accounts Search: 8

Account Summary Page: 9

Premise Page: 10

Zones Page: 11

Contacts Page: 12

Schedules Page: 13

Comments Page: 14

Equipment Page: 15

Mailing Page: 16

Billing Page: 17

Video/Graphics Page: 17

Maps Page: 18

Out of Service Page: 18

Traffic Page: 19

Account Reports Menu: 20

History Reports: 23

Dealer Reports: 27

Out of Service: 28

Work Orders: 29

Create Work Order window: 29

Edit/View Work Order: 30

Profile Update: 31


Additional SIMSWeb4 Features


·         We have many customization options for the dealers.

·         Dealer can set their own logos.

·         Dealer can set their own website links.

·         Dealer logo could be used as a watermark on the PDF reports.

·         Dealers have one click dealer reports.

·         Dealers can have specific reports set up for them: they would just need to create a form with name reportname-GroupID.IMG. R-L-S.IMG works for all the dealers. In case of special requirement for dealer ABC and DEF, we can create R-L-S-ABC.IMG and R-L-S-DEF.IMG.

·         Reports are now improved.

·         Reports are now similar to SIMS3. The dealer can choose more parameters while creating reports.

·         Dealers can email reports directly from SIMSWeb4.

·         Support multiple languages like French, Turkish, Russian etc.

·         User can generate Verification, All Events Weekly, and All Events Monthly reports direct from the account summary page.

·         SIMSWeb4 has traffic light icons for the Out of Service status of account.

·         The Out of Service is in local time of the account. So dealer no longer needs to make any time difference calculations.

·         The dealers can open account in edit as well as view only mode. (depending on the Central Station set up and preference)

·         The dealers can download a screen shot of current traffic as well as the traffic auto-updates every 30 seconds.

·         The dealer can click on an account in traffic to open it in view only mode and print All Events report for the account.


Login Page:

The first page for every user is login page. They can choose the language in which they want to access  SIMSWeb4. Currently we support English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish languages.

The dealer can login with username and password. The SIMSWeb3 required dealer to use group with the username  like if a dealer name DLR with SIMS group want to log into the system, they need to login as  DLR-SIMS. But in SIMS Web4, dealer can login with just username DLR, no need to specify the group and the SIMSWeb4 can automatically recognize the group of the dealer.

The account holder or contacts in account can login using account number as username and pass card as password. E.g. if there is a contact JOHN DOE in the account 01-01-0001 and has pass card 1234. Then he can login to the account with username: 01-01-0001 and pass card: 1234. The account must be set up to allow contact JOHN DOE as one of the WB? users, say WB1 (we support WB1 to WB9) and account should also be set up to have web access setting on the premise page. In addition, the Central Station must have WB1 to WB9 operators configured in SIMS.

Welcome Page:

The Welcome page after login has the statistics about signals, work order and accounts.

The Special Message section shows the special message from the central station and dealers. The Central Station message from a user with group “????” is will be displayed to all the dealers, but not to the account logins. The Message from a dealer with “ABC?” group is displayed for all the dealers with group IDs “ABCA-ABCZ” and “ABC0-ABC9”. The message from a dealer with group ID “ABCD” will be displayed to all other dealers with group ID “ABCD” and all the accounts with dealer “ABCD”.

The Main menu provides all the navigation links. Home is for the welcome front page.

View Accounts is for the viewing of the account only and does not lock the account. The dealers can view account, print verification report, events report as well as they can change the Out of Service status of the account. It is a good option for viewing the account details without accidentally changing the account fields.

Edit Accounts locks the account and allows editing of the account details.

Traffic Page opens an “active” traffic screen (it auto-refreshes every 30 seconds or whenever the refresh button is used)





Account Reports contains all the subscriber reports. By clicking on the link, the following sub menu opens. The dealer can choose between the different types of subscriber reports.


























History Reports contains all the history reports. By clicking on the link, the following sub menu for the different history reports opens. The dealer can choose from the different type of  history reports.







Dealer Reports contain one click reports for dealers which increase their productivity.

(reference page ? for list of reports)


The Misc Menu contains the Out of Service and work order related operations. The sub menu is as follows:


Edit/View Accounts Search:


The dealers can search accounts by account number, name, address, class, group, all ok word as well as the phone number. The search is simple and similar to SIMS Pocket app.



The SIMSWeb4 account page shows the status of each account. The disarmed account shows green, armed shows blue, and if it is not applicable, it will show the grey shield. The out of service account shows red , partial out of service account (having only certain zones out of service) shows yellow, and an in service account shows the green traffic light.


Account Summary Page:

The account summary page displays the account details, operator activity, and recent activity, back up account details, as well as control numbers. The control number on the summary page eliminates the confusion between control and program number if the dealer needs to use the control number when calling the Central Station. The dealer can send frequently used reports by email directly from this page. The summary page displays local time of the account based on time zone settings of the account. The Traffic light signal shows the account Out of Service status.


Premise Page:

The premise page provides an interface to view/edit the details about the account premise like account name, contact person, address, and control and program numbers. The dealer can set the false alarm tolerances/threshold.  The option to copy premise address to the mailing address is on this page, also.

 The premise page also contains the sub-options and program control information. Dealer can set the account to be accessible by customer by setting web access to one of the WB1 to WB9 operators. The dealer can set time zone and daylight savings related information too.

Zones Page:

The dealers can add, edit, delete, insert and move zones level up and down. The dealers set event conversions as well as set double knock.

Contacts Page:

The contact page is interface for view/edit contact details of the person or companies to be contacted regarding alarm information. The dealer can set the availability of the contact person, language of communication as well as set the web access to the contact person to access the account using SIMS Web products.


Schedules Page:

 The Schedule page contains the premise open and close schedule and temp schedule information. The dealers can set the global schedules on the accounts. The dealer can add or delete the regular schedules only.










Comments Page:

The user can set permanent and temp comments. If the user does not set begin and end dates for the comments, the comments are permanent. The dealer can set the tolerance as well as global schedules.






Equipment Page:

The equipment page provides the interface to view/edit the equipment list. The dealer can add edit, delete and insert equipment details. The dealer can store information regarding the warranty, installer and zones. The dealer can assign special codes.

Mailing Page:

The mailing page contains the mailing information of the account, like mailing address. It also contains the details about monitoring fees such as, police charge, guard charge, and Telco charges. The permit number and permit expiration date fields are on this page also. The dealer can set the primary email and secondary email addresses under Contact Info.

Billing Page:

The billing page is contains all the billing related information. The dealer can set sale/install date, warranty expiration, bill begin and end date as well as billing codes.

Video/Graphics Page:

The dealer can set the video links as well as the formats for the video.

Maps Page:

The user can see the location of the premise by of the premise address or mailing address. It pulls up the actual location if the address is entered correctly in the premise and mailing page.


Out of Service Page:

The Out of Service is window is for this specific account. The dealer can place the whole account or any desired zone(s) out of service. The timing is in local premise time, so dealers will not need to calculate the time difference between the premise and central station location. The current local time watch has been added to see the local time of the account.

Traffic Page:


The dealer can see the current traffic and update time is as low as 30 seconds. So, SIMSWeb4 supports live traffic. The dealer can refresh traffic any time by clicking on refresh button .  The dealer can even open the traffic on separate window using the popup window button . The dealer with group id with “?”, can see traffic of any of its groups by choosing the group id from the group drop down.


The dealer can click on a signal on the traffic screen and a new window will open in view mode, which saves  time for searching and opening account. The dealer can see the operator comments from the new page  (operator activity at the bottom of the screen). So, the dealer can see how the operator dealt with the signal.
Account Reports Menu:

The dealer can choose any account report and every report has different forms. So the dealers have many choices even for a single report type.  Now dealers can generate summary reports for the account with and without permit number, so it becomes easier for the dealers to check whether the account owner has taken permit number from city, making dealer to safe from any dealer.

  1. Account List Summary Reports List
  1. Account Cancelled List
  2.  Permit Number Reports
  1. Detail List
  1. Mailing List
  2. Client Verification Form
  1. Client Verification Condensed Form Report
  1. Database Report










History Reports:

The dealer can choose from different history reports.


  1. All Event History Reports:
  1. All Events Intermediate History Report:
  1. All Events Summary History Report:
  1. Subscriber Open/Close Detail:
  1. Subscriber Open/Close Intermediate Report:
  1. Subscriber Open/Close Summary Report
  2. Dealer Exception Codes Report Options:
  1. Service Work Order History Report Options:
  1. Account Audit Trail Report Options:

The dealer can choose the starting and ending account for the printing a range of accounts. The dealer can set message types to be included in the report. The operators and the priority types which user wants to include in the report as well as user can set options such as military time. linked accounts to be included in the report, cancelled account etc. So, the new interface is much easier and has more options.

The dealers can generate pdf as well as the text reports and email them. Email feature is good if you want just to view the report and send it to the customer.

Dealer Reports:

The dealer reports are one click reports which dealers can generate. The dealers can choose between all available reports.







Out of Service:

The dealer can add to/remove from Out of Service.


Work Orders:

Create Work Order window:

The dealer can create work order for the accounts. The user can choose the account and add work order for the account. 



Edit/View Work Order:

The user can edit/view work orders from this window. 

Edit operation is simple. The dealer chooses the account, clicks edit, make the changes and clicks save. The dealer must choose the disposition before completing it.


Profile Update:

The dealers can set the company name, dealer message, website, watermark text and opacity. The users can change the language for the site on the current computer.